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hmm ... good question ... I guess I'm whatever you think I am ;) could say I'm pretty passionate about things ...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

move to

decided to use myspace instead since I will be posting a few photos :)
been in korea a month already ... having a great time ^^

will have myspace address soon ...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


just when you thought things are set ... fixed, mundane, then life throws a curve at you ...

well, it seems I have to take some time off from my study to pursue other things, not really much of a choice, but circumstances dictate I need to take a different path at the moment, pretty sad to leave the study behind, but I'm only seeing it as a minor setback

a simple animation note: (cant' really make this an animation blog if there aint any animation stuff ... right?)
no, not the snack, man I hate those things, but the 'animation principle'
it's very important to know and master!
just ask Brian Lemay ... ... might have to take his animation course if I'm going to be away from animation school for a while


it's about 7 in the morning, a few things on Yahoo's news headline that grabs me;

- Silent in the sky: A new jet may fly quieter than a washing machine.

which is not saying much ... my washing machine could be heard miles away, not only that, but I swear it talks back to me! just dont really understand what it saying ... like listening to those subway announcement

- Orchard's Bank: Attractive card for ugly credit - Our MasterCard is the 1st step to build or re-build credit.
That's nice ... all you need to build or rebuild a good credit is a nice looking card, no, not a good budgeting plan, but a pretty card, not a wise decision as to how you spend your money, but an attractive card ... so, where do I sign up?

- Prince hopes to bring monarchy back to S. Korea
never a good sign when Junior wants to take over ... though, it might be good for Korean drama ... think of all story ideas this will spin off ... more Korean dramas = more tissue sales, hey, anything to help the economy I suppose

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Aug 23

still on vacation ... so bugger off ... will have something tomorrow ... I hope :p

Monday, August 21, 2006

August 21 06

Summer break ^^

finally, a break -- there's still things to do, mostly personal project, but without the fixed deadline

cant believe it's been about 8 months ... that's 8 months of animation study, 8 months of drawings and animating ... killed a lot of trees in the process :/ haha

looking back, I'm sure there's a lot of things I could learn (and apply) for the 2nd year - really have to watch my time management

well ... it's monday ... and I ain't at school ... haha, gonna take several days just to relax and recuperate ... then back to drawing :) have a couple of cel setup to do as well

will be uploading some work done in the first year - stay tune

Monday, June 19, 2006

character design

here's a non-technical character design tip ... perhaps I should mentioned some of the traditional/technical tips as well;
o perspective - yes it's a character, but perspective does play a major role as well, know your perspective. a character has to look 'right' and in place
o life drawing/proportion - this is a given ... you do need to know basic human proportion and how skeleton works and how muscle looks ... even for a cartoon character. life drawing is the foundation in which you built your character, without proper foundation, it wont stand
o line quality ... again, it's a given. have good line quality.

k, now for the non-technical stuff
o reference - develop good references ... this could be done by seeing what is out there. read comic books, graphic novels, watch movies, cartoons, animes, play some video games, look at real people (sometime reality is more strange than fiction ^^) there are a lot of interesting people out there ... a lot
o imagination - have fun with your character ... experiment with shapes and sizes, not everyone looks the same ... unless you're doing anime, people have different body types. A great way to practice making character with different body types is to use everyday object as the basis of their body
for example; toilet paper roll, curvy shampoo bottle, guitar, fish bowl ... use them as the basis of their body type

for one of my pirate characters below, the chubby one is just a sack ... with arms and legs

anyway ... maybe I should have some drawing examples for this ... but that'll have to wait ... me stomach is calling to me to hunt for food ... I'll see what the fridge have to offer today

exciting life of ...

welcome to another exciting episode of the life of an animation student ... in today's episode, we will see the animation student go to the library where he will spend most of his day working on an assignment ... with a few quick break in between to go the washroom and perhaps a few glances at the interesting people he will encounter in the library ... and risking life and limb if he is caught with an overdue book ... ahem ... anyway, a few more drawings ^^ character design assignment - need to draw 3 pirates ... different body type

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

wednesday ... errr ...

well, not much 'artwork' as yet ... but some animation lesson, might as well write them here, future reference

2 really basic principle you need to know/master to do (good) animation
- timing
- distance
and we all know time x distance or timing/distance = speed

of course being able to draw helps as well :p haha ... but there are people out there who's not a great 'drawer' but able to animate ...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

semester 2

well, 2nd day of semester 2 ... still not sure where I'm going to get my money for 2nd semester, we'll see :) have some jobs line up, let see where that'll take me -

right now, flipping burger might be a possibility, hehe

well, 2nd day ... made a little mistake today, thought my nutrition class started this morning ... came in, saw 2 classmates, good sign, class were rather small, hardly any girls, bad signs, then the teacher came in, look like a nice guy, good sign, then he wrote his name and what I thought to be the course, which is 'shakespeare and film' ... bad sign ... asked the dude, yeah, I'm in the wrong class ... turn out my nutrition class dont start till July >.< hehe

well, new semester, new classmate, new friends, new secretary ... all's good

will be posting more stuff soon ... been working on a couple of story/comic book as well, hopefully will follow through